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Greetings Healthcare Colleagues, my name is Kevin Kawchak, and I am the Founder CEO of ChemicalQDevice. Today is January 20th, 2023 for "Quantum Cybersecurity Developments as a Platform for a New Quantum Era in Healthcare" 
Quantum Technologies Regulation for Prospective Medical Benefit Progress will likely be analogous to FDA's current AI/ML ISO/IEC requirements for Submission. Prior to this occurring, 2 ISO/IEC Quantum Key Distribution Standards are serving as Pioneers for other Quantum Technology Fields to prospectively follow, with incorporation of both Classical and Quantum technologies in Hardware and Software. In specific, ISO/IEC DIS 23837-1 is for QKD Requirements; while DIS 23837-2 is for QKD Evaluation and Testing. (1-3)
Both Standards are created via the ISO/IEC JTC1 Partnership, and are completed past the Proposal, Preparatory, and Committee stages. It is noteworthy that the standards are progressing in the Enquiry stage, becoming closer to Approval. In addition, the ISO/IEC Standards may be further encouraged by developments originating from The White House H.R. 7535 Law signed in December 2022 urging Federal Government to quote "adopt technology that is protected from decryption by quantum computing” (4-5) 
Precautions to prevent quantum attack by foreign countries may drive innovation in the  Medical field due to the emergence of quantum defense resources being made available in government and in industry through the Chips and Science Act of 2022. In addition, a general understanding of quantum technologies by the public will likely be accomplished in the process of protecting U.S. data. (6-7)
Lastly, Although FDA medical device requirements for new IEC and ISO quantum standards may take some time, resources and capabilities are available as seen through Industry adoption. For example, much understanding has been gained by organizations to take action in Medical Imaging publications and partnerships. Roche, University of Paris, France, QC Ware, Rigetti, and Strangeworks have preliminarily used quantum technologies for Image Classification. (8-9) 
In Summary, with The White House and Governing Bodies taking a Leading role in Quantum Standards for Cybersecurity, New Innovation and Public Awareness regarding the Technology will create a platform for A New Quantum Era in Healthcare.  
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1/20/23 "Quantum Cybersecurity Developments as a Platform for a New Quantum Era in Healthcare" References[1] [2] [3][4][5][6] [7][8] [9]
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