ChemicalQDeviceLocal Generative AI Model Frameworks
Local Generative AI Model Frameworks for Different Stages of Drug Discovery 05-30-24.pdf

 “We just need to know what we've been allowed to change or see, interfaces abstract away the implementation. Now, while the UI or user interface is made for the user of the application, the API is made for “Imagine asking Apple’s Siri to show you an old photo taken from a child’s second birthday, or summarizing lengthy emails and writing drafts. Then consider Siri learning your schedule, preferences, even your personality, so it can better communicate with you throughout the day.”

[Apple] “is widely expected to partner with ChatGPT maker OpenAI ahead of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, where it will likely show off its first batch of AI tools coming to the iOS software. 

Samantha Murphy Kelly, CNN Business, “Here’s how new AI tech could change the iPhone” May 28, 2024.  

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