ChemicalQDeviceMedical Quantum Machine Learning
CEO Kevin Kawchak is a leader of the Medical Quantum Machine Learning software industry. He has tested a Minimum Viable Product with 10 Iterations to obtain improving Quantum ML Neuroimage analysis results. Additional Quantum prototypings illustrated the performance differences of algorithms from multiple papers by multiclass classification. QML model Costs and Efficiencies were also calculated across two models, two datasets, and four different compute methods that revealed areas of improvement needed for the industry.
All available PennyLane QML demos were modified or improved in a recent study; and a Qiskit model was enhanced to obtain 100% training and testing accuracies. Kevin Kawchak has provided step-by-step instructions on how three quantum computing languages can be incorporated into separate quantum inspired workflows, with coding examples. Three guides detailing QML literature history, Quantum embeddings, and Quantum algorithms for the Medical industry were also shared.
A study focused on Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, and Samsung Tizen healthcare/fitness coding platforms that may see quantum incorporation. Mr. Kawchak has also summarized articles from scientific journals such as Nature including topics on Stanford Medical AI history, Explainable AI, and Multimodal data. 10 Recent FDA AI/ML approvals were detailed regarding how specific quantum research papers could be applied to current approaches. In addition, three Prisma reviews were conducted based on over 500 FDA AI/ML approvals in order to assist future quantum and quantum-inspired Medical R&D.
100 consecutive weekly discussions regarding quantum technologies since October 2021 were organized, with dozens of additional brief talks related to Industrial or Government quantum computing - which included "A New Quantum Era in Healthcare is Beginning".  Date: 9/17/23
Created by Kevin Kawchak Founder CEO ChemicalQDevice2023 San Diego, CaliforniaAdvancing Neuroimaging