ChemicalQDevice2023 President's Quantum Initiative Summary
Dear Healthcare Colleague, my name is Kevin Kawchak, and I am the Founder CEO of ChemicalQDevice. Today is January 27th for "2023 President's National Quantum Initiative Summary" 
The Annual Fiscal Year BUDGET Report was released in January 2023. It features Quantum Information Science (QIS) being Advanced by agencies Including NIST, NSF, and DOE. (1)
Firstly, The Financial Report explains how $800 Million Plus will be distributed to further Quantum Education, Research, and to reach End Users. Speaking on behalf of the Chips and Science Act of 2022, President Joe Biden said “This increased research and development funding is going to ensure that United States leads the world and the industries of the future” “From quantum computing to artificial intelligence to advanced biotechnology." (2)
Secondly, The National Quantum Initiative Act of 2017 2018 provided Initial funding to agencies including NIST, NSF, and DOE to further develop quantum technologies. Also, the National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee has now become a Presidential Advisory Committee. (3)
NIST and NSF are projected to receive additional funding over the Prior year, while DOE will receive similar funding to 2022, and remains the Top Funding recipient among the three agencies. Federal QIS Resarch and Development funding agencies consist of three pillars: Civilian, Defense, and Intel - each with specific objectives to advance the Emerging technology. 
Thirdly, NIST Primarily Emphasizes Precision metrology and cybersecurity which includes technologies such as ion-trap and transmon qubits. NSF funds quantum efforts for over 1,500 projects at 240 institutions in 48 states. DOE helps to ensure America’s prosperity and security through its QIS Research and Development Programs.
Lastly, the Fiscal Report made Parallels between the 1945 "Science the Endless Frontier" Report for why government must support science In Relation to the 2020 "Quantum Frontiers" Report to Expand Opportunities for Quantum Technologies to Benefit Society. (4, 5)
In Conclusion, Many Government Programs work to further Quantum Education, Research, and to reach End Users. The National Quantum Initiative Act of 2017 2018 has helped pave the way regarding the December 2022 quantum computing cybersecurity law mandating quantum updates by Federal Agencies in the near future. Analagous to DOE's objective to ensure America’s prosperity and security through quantum, NSF is Forecasting a 2023 Practical Quantum Computer through its funded projects. (6)
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1/27/23 "2023 President's National Quantum Initiative Summary" References[1][2][3][4][5][6]
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